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Did you know . . .
Within the first 12 seconds of a telephone conversation, the listener makes an unconscious judgment of character, social status, education and intelligence using voice quality and patterns of speech as criterion.
-- Smith and Harms

Did you know
we are judged . . .
by appearance - 55%
by how we sound - 38%
by what we say - 7%

Did you know . . .
HOW we say something is more than 4 times as significant as WHAT we say to the listener's perception of credibility and sincerity.
-- Mehrabian Survey

The pressure to succeed affects all aspects of an ever growing competitive environment. Top skills are required by everyone in your organization especially in areas as:

» Webinars
» Customer Service
» Sales Presentations
» Call Centers / Sales

We also specialize in helping clients who have a background in Spanish to achieve clarity with accents in English. Having a working knowledge ourselves, we understand the specific challenges and can offer valuable insight in how to overcome them.

Are you confident your staff is prepared?

Program Option 01:
Executive Sales / Management / New Business Developers:
Learn methods to overcome nervousness of public speaking and make dynamic presentations. Become aware of your speaking style and correct any bad habits, in order to capture and deserve the attention of your audience. Create your best "first impression" when introducing yourself, your company and/or services. Learn methods to deliver prepared as well as improvisational speeches with impact. Take advantage of several methods such as yoga, visualization and progressive relaxation in order to manage stressful events.

Program Option 02:
Managers / Supervisors / Team Leaders:
Learn techniques to develop an effective style of communicating whether in groups or one-on-one. Develop the ability to express your ideas with clarity in order to be effective in meetings or discussion groups. Practice delivery of speech with resonant tones, developing an "executive" style.

Program Option 03:
Customer Service / Marketing and Sales / Receptionists: Maintain control of difficult situations and create good customer relations. Make your voice work for you in telephone contacts, giving your listener a positive impression . . . in those first 12 seconds, of someone with integrity, intelligence, energy and credibility with whom to do business. Be aware of "matching" techniques ­ which can increase success rate up to 400%!! ­ as well as utilizing appropriate speed and methods to increase clarity of speech.

Program Option 04:
Media Coaching:
We are offering Media Coaching exclusively for our valued past clients who are facing media exposure.
__We have developed methods and techniques, working with high profile Politicians, leading Executives and entrepreneurial Individuals, who have been facing media exposure daily on behalf of their Industry or Profession. Now you can benefit from this valuable insight.
We offer Media Coaching in:
Preparing for the press
» Appearing "Front & Centre"
» Expecting the unexpected
» Enhancing the credibility of your Industry of Profession

Please feel free to contact us at 416.527.1067 to learn more about these exciting advantages!

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