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PLEASE NOTE: If these do not completely answer your question, feel free to contact us for a fuller explanation or to ask another not listed here.

Q. "How do I overcome nervousness when public speaking situations arise?"
We have developed an assortment of methods to slow the heart rate, regain proper breathing for speech delivery and develop a confident speaking style, one in which you can present your message with grace and ease.

Q. "How can I gain control of a situation when confronted with an "irate" client?"
We use "Listening Skills" in order to assess the type of caller, and follow through the stages of resolving conflicts and presenting solutions for customers.

Q. "How do I make my best "first impression"?"
We learn to channel our energy, pay attention to eye contact and body language, in order to create an impressive and positive first meeting.

Q. "How do I prepare for "cold calls"?"
We have developed a proven strategy that prepares you - without sounding "scripted" -- to create a relaxed and effective delivery style. We deal with normal feelings in accepting and overcoming rejection.

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